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For a Great Sadhaka (Seekers), there is no difference in humans either Male or Female which is the first step and it is a must-have in the practical life where the Jeeva is bounded with eight types of boundaries. Kulaashtak & Panch Mahaavrata is making the graceful physical and material life of human and takes self near to the Devee (Goddess) and Aadhyatmik energy take him to find the Rahasya (Secret) of the God take self in the Shoonya (Zero) for Moksha (Nirvaana). The aim is to take the physical life with the grace of Aadhyatmik estate which is the generally of Kaula's which create the modern life according to the Science when we required it. As there is no specific time & direction (Dik Kaal Niyamo Naasti), one can worship Devi any time having a bath or without bath and also after eating one's meal (Sarvada Poojayeta Devi Aasnaatvaa Krit Bhojanam).

   The main motive of the author is to spread awareness about the balanced analysis of both Tantrik and Yogik aspects of Saadhna which is easily available and has a comfortable level to every person in today's life. The aim is to gather all curious Saadhaks (Seekers) and provide them an opportunity to stand nearby the Paraashakti (the Goddess) to engrain the infinite energy of her essence and induce their life with Tyaaga and Tapa-Yoga to serve in the betterment of mankind.


   ISBN: 978-93-5416-658-6
   Size: H: 21.6 in   W: 13.7 in